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Roots is Lefko's latest conceptual album.   It is about re-establishing new foundations in life. 


Song List


  1. Roots                                                      

  2. Falling Leaves            

  3. Getting Inside              

  4. Brighter Day                               

  5. Chattanooga

  6. Cowboy Song              

  7. I See You

  8. To Life                            

  9. Black Streets                

  10. Gratefulness                                         

  11. Down South                              

  12. The Sound of Youth                

  13.  Ode                   

   14. Writing on the Wall   


©2020 Lefko 

All Songs Written, Produced, Arranged,

Performed, and Recorded by Lefko

Additional Vocals: Maya Faibish, Taylor Faibish 10,12


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