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Traveler is an album inspired by Lefko's travels back and forth several times to Florida from Boston and his lifestyle change from the Summer 2017 to Winter 2018 where he lived freely and traveled in his Jeep bouncing around practically everywhere! 
1. Traveler 
2. Trudging Along
3. Confide 
4. By The Sea 
5. Whispering Breeze
6. Country Side
7. At the Cantina 
8. The Nomad Song 
9. High Road 
10. Coming to Your Town
11. Man With a Plan



©2018 Lefko all rights reserved  

Album Credits: 

All Songs Written, Produced, and Engineered by Lefko

Lefko: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion

Recorded at Underground, Needham MA

Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Dulcimer  7,10, and Piano recorded at NEiA, Brookline MA 

Clavinet 11,12 Recorded at Rear Window, Brookline MA

Toy Ukelele 10 Recorded in a Cabin in Woodstock NY  


James Whitney: Bass Guitar, Lead Electric Guitars 7
Keiichi Hashimoto: Trumpet 2,8,9,10,11,12 Flugel Horn 4 Trombone 2,9,11 French Horn 5

Recorded at Underground, Needham MA 


Stirling Taylor: Drums 2,9,11

Gary Mendoza: Congas 8,9,11

Recorded at Rear Window, Brookline MA

Engineered by: Bay State College Studio Recording Classes FA2017


Adam Brass: Lap Steel Guitar 2,3,6

Recorded at Big T Productions, Quincy MA 

Jacob Lebowitz:  “Oh” Vocal 9

Laurie Lefkowitz:  Shaker 8

Recorded in NYC

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