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Hi all!  


Over the years, I have been inspired to educate good values and to promote compassion, love and peace though the arts.  We are all unique in our own way and we are all important in this world we live in.  Keep going and do what inspires you in life and be your own artist and co-creator. 


I am always trying to look up and be patient in what I do.   The pain of life "makes it roll" but the music "makes it whole".  Music is an ongoing struggle with high rewards.  The music allows me to evolve, to grow personally, and it is a way to harness energies in everyday life and to use them for the better. 

Summer - Fall 2020, I wrote With Good Weather in the Sun, a sexy and fun Rock and Roll Album.  I am finalizing it all and posting it to get it out to you all!  Enjoy! 

Summer - Fall 2018, I wrote two albums, Universal Energy and Roots, 25 songs in total.  Universal Energy is an Electronic Style Funk Rock Album.  Roots is a compositional rock style album.  

It is a celebration of Unyfi's 5 year anniversary, the Unyfi album is now rereleased and the show video from 2.6.15 at ART Oberon is available on the main page of this website. 

A live performance from Figment Boston 2015 with Franklin Marval is also posted. I have individual song videos from these performances on my You Tube page.

Yes!  I now have a You Tube channel "lefkoartist"   There is a link to the channel at the bottom left in this website.  Enjoy!   


While I practice, I have been capturing live videos of both cover songs and original songs I plan on performing live soon.  I will be posting new content on a regular basis on my facebook page. Please link up!! There is a link to the page at the bottom left in this website.

Please share my links with others! 

Peace and Love, Lefko 

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