Lefko is a musical artist composing zen-rock inspirational music for the masses. 

So far Lefko has six "core" albums which he classifies as inspirational rock music:  "Cycles", "Inspyre", "Unyfi", "Vibe", "Wonder", and "Traveler".  Lefko has many influences and he writes in various styles.  Albums vary in genre and sound design.  Unyfi (Progressive Rock), Cycles (Alternative Rock), Wonder (Pop Rock/World), Traveler (Blues Rock/ Country/Folk), Vibe (Electro Pop Rock/Western), Inspyre (Contemporary Rock). 


Lefko is also a playwright, show producer, director and multimedia artist.  Unyfi, David’s audience-centered comical rock arts show performed at February 6, 2015 at A.R.T. Oberon in Harvard Sq. empowering the audience to change the world!

Lefko strives to form alliances with artists and to develop inspiring shows with a variety of original art forms.  Lefko performed with Franklin Marval, an original artist / painter at Figment Boston in 2015.

Patty Barkas is an exceptional vocalist and spiritual force, bringing dimension and soul to recordings and performances.  It has been a privilege for Lefko to have collaborated with Patty on many recordings and for her to to perform shows with him in the past to deliver empowering, uplifting, and soul nurturing music for our world. 


Unyfi and Figment 2015 live performances are available for viewing in this website and are playable on the main page.