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Universal songs of prayer inspired by ancient liturgy.  

1.         He Who Makes Peace 

2.         We Gratefully Thank You

3.         We Praise  

4.         Keep The Faith 

5.         Let Peace Be Upon You

6.         With Many Prayers 



©2017 Lefko all rights reserved 

Album Credits: 

All Songs Produced and Engineered by Lefko 

Recorded at Lefko Productions

Song 6  Lyrics adapted from Molly Halpren’s Poem

“With My Prayers of Many” 

Songs 1,3,4,5,6 Written by Lefko

Song 2 Written by Jon Nelson


Lefko: Drums  
Recorded at Studio 440, Boston MA 
Vocals, Guitar Keyboards, Percussion
Recorded at Lefko Productions 

John Dorizzi: Drums

Recorded at Solstice Sound, Stoughton MA 


Jon Nelson:  Bass Guitar  Acoustic Guitar
Recorded at Lefko Productions and Studio 440, Boston MA  


Stu Kimball: Electric Guitar
Recorded at Studio 440, Boston MA 

Ted Armstrong: Piano, B3 Organ 

Mike Smith: Guitar 

Josh Nelson: Piano B3 Organ Balalaika 
Recorded at Rear Window, Brookline MA

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