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Unify Your Love

I never thought it would be this hard

To cut through the contention

It seems that are always so far

From ending the dissention

Open our minds so we can assimilate

Network souls and culminate

Let us put end to the lies Mitigate the contusion Rebuild affinity, shed all the cries And annul the confusion

Void the form of what our eyes view Reach into ourselves, connect with truth

Let us start to conceive

A cordial disposition

Let us figure out how to appease

The yen of our condition

Open our worlds and we can assimilate

Mend our broken souls and elevate

Plunge for the tide

Taking the ride

Break to outside

Unify your love

Beaming through sky

Frequencies fly

Signals Comply

Unify your love

Fortress of Power

Encircling all

Secure us from hate

Revive the love in all

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