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Let's Go

Looking back to times ago

Days that I had all of my soul

Took a path that curved and bent

Pit falls, quicksand, and dead ends

and my energy was spent

And I miss the time

Need to get back on the road

Regain my energy

Get back to the soul

Momentum has come

To an all time low

I must get up

Off my back

And rescue myself I jump up

Let’s go!

In the tavern spies cheated and lied

They were very crafty

They played it friend and took me for a ride

They were very stealthy

Took my cash, dumped me way outside

Without a drop of water

I wandered the wilderness for many a year

Scars I to show I nearly died

The pain was severe

Humbled by distress

In isolation

Darkness prevailed

Days got quite stressed

Cactus took deeper root

How did I get into this mess?

You are only a silly human

It’s a cold out there. Bitter test.

And I’ve become the cowboy

I’ve always dreamed to be

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