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intymaci is eleven love songs inspired by eleven unique women.


1.   High School Sweetheart 

2.   She Brings Me Down 

3.   Suzi 

4.   Seeing is Believing 

5.   Robin in the Sun 

6.   Waiting Here for Your Love

7.   Here Kitty Kitty  

8.   I See All of You In My Life 

9.   Back Again 

10. Lollypop

11. Everything 

©2017 Lefko all rights reserved 

Album Credits: 

All Songs Written, Produced, and Engineered by Lefko


Recorded at Lefko Productions

Drums 2,5,9 Recorded at Kissy Pig, Allston MA


Lefko: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Piano and Keyboards, Drums, Percussion 


Sean McLaughlin: Bass 5

Michael DAntuono: Bass 9, Vocals 9 

Conor Kenahan: Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar 9

Recorded at Kissy Pig, Allston, MA 


Paris Ellsworth: Viola / Violin 4,5 

Jonah Ellsworth: Cello 4,5 

Recorded at Underground Productions , Needham MA 


Bay State College Studio Recording Classes Fall 2017, Fall 2018

Additional Engineering 1,9,10

Group Vocals 9, Percussion 1,10


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