March 4, 2018

Everything is good to me

Today I feel

There's power to go

And today is different

Things fall upon me

Power to go

All I know it is a feeling

That makes us feel alright

We pass it on to others

And it makes us feel alright

Everything is good today

Sun shines down upon me

There is pow...

By the Sea

There is an answer
By The sea



Of life

To times of strife


Hear my call


Break my fall

By The Sea

Wash Away

By The Sea

Show me the way

By the Sea

Restore my soul

By The sea

Come alive

Make me whole

Take me

Heighten me

Revive me

March 4, 2018

From within

Is a light

From within

I reunite

From within

I arise

From within

I synchronize

From within

From within

Is my design

From within

I align

From within

I refine

From within

I am divine

From within

Hear Me

Dear Me
Wake Me

Make Me
Hold Me

Mold Me
Review Me

Renew Me

Talk with Me

Walk wit...

March 4, 2018

Confined in this place we are
We find its hell to get real far
Entwined in our bloody wars

Account for all the lives unsung
Look back and more pain will come
The gist is we must all become


The One is All 

To get where we all belong
Revive the core once forlorned

March 4, 2018

I never thought it would be this hard

To cut through the contention

It seems that are always so far

From ending the dissention

Open our minds so we can assimilate

Network souls and culminate 

Let us put end to the lies
Mitigate the contusion
Rebuild affinity, shed all the cr...

March 4, 2018

Off in the distance
Nature’s beauty

A palette of colors
Like our minds full of ideas

I wonder     

About human ability

The need to discover

Each soul’s purpose  

To live out a unique destiny

To open the door
So many doors

Billions of doors

Trillions of...

March 4, 2018

Here we are face to face

With too much to explain

Born into two beliefs

And we feel we’re not the same

Why can’t we let go

Leave our pasts behind

Try to clear our minds

And peace we may find

Start it all again

One step at a time

Reaching for middle ground

Further we now clim...

March 4, 2018

I’d rather be warm in the sun

Then caught in the cold alone with no one

Eternally grateful indeed

Compassion lives within the seed

I’d rather live on sides with the sun

Emitting truth discriminate none

And shine down on all arms equally spread

Compassion is naturally bread


March 4, 2018

Sometimes its time to say goodbye

Sometimes its time to say hi

Sometimes it’s time to take a break

And there’s a time one is wide-awake

Bring on a new

It’s a pivotal

Moment of truth

Live on a new


It’s a purifying

Act of truth


Create the World

Some of us h...

August 23, 2017

Looking back to times ago

Days that I had all of my soul

Took a path that curved and bent

Pit falls, quicksand, and dead ends

and my energy was spent

And I miss the time

Need to get back on the road

Regain my energy

Get back to the soul

Momentum has come

To an all time low

I must...

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